Being the facilitator between the customer and the development functions is my passion.

Collecting customer needs, product, and market data is essential to me. I am convinced that this creates a better customer understanding of the technical functions, increases customer satisfaction, as well as it promotes positive impact on company earnings.

I have great experience within quality management and specification of audio and acoustics as a technical lead and project development management within high technology industries; international as well as at national level.


As former ie. Project Development Manager @Bang & Olufsen as well as CEO @Danish Angel ApS many contracts has been signed and fulfilled with world class companies worldwide such as Mubaloo UK (iOS & Android Apps), BO-Soft OÜ Estonia (PC tools and product software), Arla CN (Live TV from Aarhus DK), ECCO (20th year in China celebration), House of Amber DK & Kopenhagen Fur (Show in Shanghai etc. 

Been doing international cooperation and long term contracts within AUDIO DEVELOPMENT and QUALITY ASSURANCE, but do also have great experience in short term contracts within ART, FILM, TV, COMMERCIALS, MODEL work etc..

About me

I am a devoted person, robust, and able to plan and maintain a long path to reach a goal. I am committed to the work that I do, and execute my duties on time. I am energetic and not afraid to take the lead, but at the same time I am a strong team player. Pragmatism and the use of common sense characterize my working style.

Feel free to contact me in case you need more information:

Jens Boye Rasmussen


Mobile: +45 2487 9076



§ Quality management

§ Technical lead

§ Project management

§ Stakeholder management

§ Customer needs

§ Technical Documentation

§ Business development

§ Specialist within Audio, Sound & Acoustics

Audio for live or playback  performances for shows, Radio, TV, Film and Video production

Having a long record of knowhow for audio quality and recordings, while being former member of a choir recording several albums with symphony orchestras, and live radio and TV performances with thousands of viewers.

Besides arranging many performances with the Danish Angel Sidsel Boye Rasmussen in USA, DENMARK and CHINA within both modeling, film & TV.

You learn a great deal about sound by being a performer yourself, or working with performers. The technicalities must be perfect for the show, so that the artist can concentrate on the performance.

"Where words fail - music speaks"

H.C. Andersen; famous Danish storyteller